How Does It Work?

The Dolly Arm is a revolutionary tool designed to be placed across the top of any item being hauled. Two large hooks located at the end of the device are simply placed over the edge of the item, while the other end of the device is attached to the dolly, or hand truck. It is universal and works on any dolly, or hand truck.

With a couple of cranks on the ratchet, the Dolly Arm pulls the item toward the dolly, locking it in place and allowing the user to lift the item and move it without strain. The unique hands free feature enables users to keep both hands on the dolly at all times.

It can be used for small and large appliances alike, ranging from ovens and dishwashers to tables, shelves and dressers.   Use it around the house to move coffee tables, book shelves, and dressers. 

What is the Concept?

 The name of the concept is The Dolly Arm.   The concept is a revolutionary device intended to accompany a traditional dolly, also known as a hand truck. It is used to secure any item being carried on a dolly, or hand truck.

What does it Solve?

The unique features of this product provide the following benefits for consumers everywhere:


  • Hands free

  • Only requires one person to operate

  • Eliminates the need for assistance

  • Easy to use

  • Eliminates frustration

  • Helps smaller individuals move larger items without a problem

  • Prevents items from falling off of the dolly

  • Prevents injury